PS5 Controller Charging Station @ $5.70

$5.70 $18.99 Buy It Now
$5.70 $18.99 Buy It Now

🎮【Fast & Stable】The SIKEMAY PS5 dual controller charging station is compatible with the PS5 console. Simply connect to one of the PS5 console’s USB ports for fast charging. Different from ordinary styles, our SIKEMAY Dual Charging Station does not need to waste too many USB ports.
🎮【Safety & Protection】This PS5 charging station has obtained international standard certification, and the safety factor is 90% higher than similar products. The built-in protection chip has protection functions such as over-temperature, short-circuit, and flame retardant casing, which not only prolongs the service life of the PS5 controller but also effectively avoids accidents.
🎮【Simple & Convenient】Simply place two PS5 Controllers onto the charger dock and the PS5 remotes start to be charged.When the PS5 controller is charging, the LED indicator turns red, and the blue light is on to indicate that it is fully charged and enters the controller protection mode. Also, The charging docking station box shape design can make the controller keep stable when charging.
🎮【Design & Practical】SIKEMAY PS5 charging station adopts point-in design and curved design, which can easily achieve stable placement and precise charging. The box-shaped design of the charging base keeps the controller stable while charging. The charging station shoulders two functions to achieve multi-purpose use.
🎮【What You Get】The PS5 Controller Charger Station and Type-C charging cable. SIKEMAY is a brand of high quality PS5 accessories.I believe that people who buy SIKEMAY products will like our brand. f you have any quality problem or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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