How to Find HIDDEN Walmart Deals at Your Store

Walmart has a tremendous amount of inventory in its stores as well online. 

The premise of the “treasure hunt” is that the in-store tag doesn’t always match the actual price of an item. So these shoppers take matters into their own hands, downloading the Walmart app and scanning items’ bar codes directly to find hidden deals. 

If you want to score mega savings on Walmart clearance, you need our top tips to reach Walmart Clearance! Score items for 90% off to even a few PENNIES by hunting for Walmart clearance Deals.

Here are the 5 Top Tips to get you started Walmart clearance shopping on the right foot. If you have any more tips, be sure to come to join our Facebook Group and let us all know!

  1. Clearance is marked within the first five days of the month: Check all your local area stores for the most markdowns within the first five days of a new month.
  2. Where to find clearance: This will vary by store. Some stores have dedicated areas for support (my area is the back left of the store), and others mix their clearance and markdowns in the regular sections where the item is located. Always scan the thing, especially if you have seen Yes We Coupon or members of our Walmart Clearance Glitches and More Group post about specific items. Much of the time, I have found clearance is NOT marked unless it has been moved to the designated clearance section.
  3. Shop After Holidays for up to 90% off Score up to 90% off holiday items like wrapping paper, gift bags, holiday-themed clothing, and more! Check right after a holiday has passed. Most stores start at 50% off the next day and will slowly tick their way up to 90% off until gone.
  4. Learn What Those Price Tags Mean — A price ending in $.00 (e.g., $15.00) indicates clearance. Regular prices end at $0.06 or $0.08.
  5. Look at your local Store’s Inventory Online — Much of the time, when you see an incredible deal in our Walmart Clearance Glitches and More Group, the member will post the SKU (item #) of the item. So what can you do with that info? Glad you asked! You can plug in that number right at Walmart online, and it may tell you if your store has it marked down OR if you can still get it online – possibly at the clearance price. Even better, Yes We Coupon has its own clearance tracking tool you can plug the SKU into and see local results. No inventory tracker is 100% accurate due to theft, damage, or inaccurate reporting from the stores. But it is still another step you can take before you make a run to the store blindly.
  6. If you find an item discounted at 60% or more, buy it now.

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